Real-Time Messaging and Video with Dynamic Channels Using the Agora Flutter SDK

Yesterday, I was dying of boredom while attending my Chemistry lecture, so I started looking at the software my college is using for their lectures. In this software, they list out a bunch of subjects per user and then display how many students are currently attending lectures for that particular subject.

This intrigued me a bit as to how easily a person can create a channel and then others can join that channel to interact with the host. So I thought of making a clone of this software using the Agora Flutter SDK. If you have seen our quickstart guide…

How to join multiple channels using Agora’s Flutter SDK

Hi everyone. I hope you had an amazing learning experience during the #30DaysOfFlutter. They say that knowledge without action is insanity and that action without knowledge is vanity. So to put your knowledge into action, let’s build a project to provide real-time engagement (RTE) in a Flutter application.


Building your own RTE software can be a little troublesome: maintaining a server, load balancing, and at the same time providing low-latency can make even the best go nuts.

So how can you add RTE to your Flutter application without losing your mind and saving time as well? Luckily, we have the

Joining Multiple Channels Using the Agora Android SDK


Building your own RTE software can be a little troublesome: maintaining a server and load balancing while also providing low latency can make even the best of us go nuts.

So how can you add RTE to your Android application without losing your mind and while saving time? Luckily, we have the Agora RTE SDK available to provide support across all platforms. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of subscribing to multiple channels using the Agora Android SDK.


  • An Agora developer account (see How to get started)
  • Android Studio
  • A basic understanding of Android…

Building Your Own Audio Streaming Application Using the Agora Flutter SDK

What has real-time communication made possible? In this pandemic, real-time communication has been a driving force behind engagement, and it has enabled various industries to run easily from the comfort of home.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps on how to create your own audio streaming application. And you will see how something that is supposedly complex to build can be simplified by using the Agora Flutter SDK. In the next few minutes, we will be making a cross-platform application for streaming, creating a podcast, or streaming. The use cases are endless.

We will walk through…

Group Video Calling Using the Agora Flutter SDK


No one expected that working from home would be the new normal. This pandemic has been tough for everyone but it has proved that even when the complete country is in lockdown, people can work with ease in their homes. Where people are connected online with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Connecting via video call is the need of the hour, and people are using various applications to do that. But such applications aren’t usually customizable to your needs, because they are built with a common UI that solves general use cases. …

Adding Live Interactive Video Streaming using the Agora Flutter SDK

Yesterday, when I was attending my online yoga class, I realized that I use so many live streaming applications for my everyday activities — from my business meetings to yoga classes, jam sessions, and movie nights. For most people who are stuck at home quarantining, live streaming is the best way to get closer to the world. This influx of users watching and starting their own live streams created a gap in the market for a “perfect” streaming application.

In this article, I will walk you through the process of building your own live streaming application using the Agora Flutter…

How do you ensure that your customers are happy with your service? How can you provide a better way to engage with your team, so that productivity is never compromised? If these are questions that have crossed your mind, then you’ll be pleased to know that I have an answer for you and that answer is really simple: Real Time Engagement (RTE). So what does RTE mean and how can it help your business?

In today’s digital economy everyone is connected with each other virtually and it bridges the distance between two distant users. Your company can be based in… is a real-time engagement platform that provides cross-platform SDK’s for implementing video(1-to-1 or a group), voice and broadcasting capabilities into your next project.

Object detection is a building tool for most of the Deep Learning application out there. Implementation of object detection can give us endless use cases. Majorly we find object detectors in webcams, surveillance cameras, dashboard cameras or mobile phones and the list goes on. The main application of object detection is object classification and tracking.

One of the most fanatic use of object detection is seen in football. Where the position of players and football is…

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